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Widely popular for offering Herbal Wellness Tea, Ayurvedic Syrup, Arjun Powder, Amun Seed Powder, etc..

About Us

Amazing Herbals is active in service of customers as a manufacturer and supplier of Herbal Wellness Tea, Ayurvedic Syrup, Weight Gainer, Herbal Ras, Derdonil Pain Oil, Triphala Powder, etc. We aim to help people in getting a healthy body and thus make use of the best natural ingredients in preparing our array. We work on the principle of having Swasth Kaya, Nirogi Man; Hamara Paryas, App Ke Sang. With the assistance of a digital integrated Vedic Diagnosis Tool, we connect with people from different end and suggest them products as per the diagnoses. All a customer needs to do is answer our question correctly so that we can serve them effectively. We have taken the pledge of serving our clients with transparency and honesty, therefore, we are abiding the same.

Our USPs

The following are some USPs of our company because of which we have been able to create an outshining image in the market:

  • We make use of pulse diagnosis to disease and treat them with the right blend of herbs.
  • We offer 100% pure authentic ayurvedic treatment that gives effective visible results.
  • We make use of botanically identified herbs & powder that are free from side-effects.

Our Vision, Mission and Core Values

The vision of our company is to diagnosis health issues and recommend personalized herbs, herbal supplements, ayurvedic treatment, etc. We believe in Sabka Saath, Sabka Swasthya and are work in the same direction.

Our mission is to serve society using the knowledge of Ayurveda and offer the best products that are highly effective. We also aim to reach a wide customer base throughout the world and thus offer franchisees of our products. To attain our set targets we have done certification courses & training on Ayurvedic and Vedic Knowledge such as Marm, Nadi, Herbal Astrology, Agni Karma & Pyramid.

Determination, authentic treatment, commitment to wellness, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, integrity, etc are some core values of our company on which we never compromise.

Our Expert Panel

Here is the list of experts working with our entity and enabling us serve our clientele with best Herbal Ras, Weight Gainer, Triphala Powder, Derdonil Pain Oil and a lot more products:



Dr.Abhimanyu Bhargava

Nadi Expert, Wellness Coach and Ayurveda Consultant

Dr. Run Vijay

Gold Medalist, Clinical Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga

Dr. Pragya Bhargava

Dietician, Ayurveda Nutritionist

Dr. A.K.S Rawat

Emritus Scientist Pharmacognosy, Ex. HOD of Pharmacognosy & Ethanobotany and N.B.R.I Lucknow

Dr. V.P.Upadhyay

Pharmaceutical Expert

Dr. Bhanu Priya Kaushik

MD Panchkarma

Dr. Rathaur

Nadi Expert, Ayurvedic Expert

Dr. Piyush Bhargava

Marma Expert, Digital Technochrate

Our Admin Panel



Premlata Bhargava


Suchitra Anand

Joint Director

Prgaya Bhargava


Dr. Abhimanyu Bhargava

Managing Director

Preeti Sehdev



Desk Manger


Manager Production

Our Founder

Ayurvedacharya Dr. Abhimanyu R. Bhargava is the founder of our company and is a Nadi Expert, Wellness Coach and Ayurvedic Consultant. He hold B.A.M.S., M.Sc., M.Phil.,M.D degree in Ayurveda. Mr. Bhargava is a Senior Ayurvedic Consultant & Technologist. He has also received the award by Media Research Foundation for the Best Ayurveda Consultant of the Year 2015 and was further acknowledged by Nirog Street in 2019 with Golden Award of Ayurveda.



Ex Responsibilities

Serving in Ayurvedic Diagnosis & Treatment Since 2001

Managing Director of Bhargav Ayurveda

Ex Member Technical Expert Committee AYUSH Depart. Govt. of Haryana

Expert of Fibroid, Cyst and Uterine Disorder

Chairman - Sajal Divya Foundation Trust

Ex Chief Coordinator Ayurveda Technology Transfer (HORDICON-STED - DST - Govt Of India )

Consulting Pulse Ayurveda Physician

Authorized Medical officer/Attendant for Central Govt Employee

Ex Deputy Director at Society for NEED

Expert of detailing your health problems by pulse

Editor of Sehat Sandesh (Digital Magazine)

Ex.Chief Executive Officer at Nirwana Herbal Healthcare

Expert in all Chronic Diseases

Technical Director : Amazing Herbals

Ex Chief Executive Officer at Vedic Upchar

Expert in Gastro /Liver/Spleen disorders

Technical Director - Satiate Ayurveda

Ex Physician - Divya Yog Mandir Trust

Expert in Diabetes & its complication

QA & QC :- Certified Expert from National Botanical Research Institute-Lucknow

Ex. Guest Faculty AYUSH Technical (HORDICON STED - DST- Govt Of India)

Expert in Joint ,Muscle and Nerve pain disorders

R & D .Expert : in Botanical and Ayurvedic Products

Expert in Ayurveda Oncology, Cancer, Kidney Failure Management and Thyroid Disorders

Faculty for HRPIO, International Ayurveda Academy, Ayurvedic Doctors Association (NIMA)Yamuna Nagar, Vishwa Ayurveda Parishad

Expert in Sexual Disorders

Life Member International Ayurveda Foundation and Red Cross Society

Member Arya Samaj Mandir, Ayurvedic Manufacturing Association Ynr. Haryana

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